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The Nolas are an indie alternative rock band from Montreal Canada. Lifetime ​friends, Joey (Drums/Vox) and Manny (Guitar/Vox), have been writing music ​together since 2013. After years of sharing a rehearsal space, the duo ​recorded a spontaneous jam session which would be the foundation for their ​first EP.

Their music is inspired by all eras of Rock N’ Roll and Pop music, with ​Canadian Roots, along with Italian & Latin influences. The band later grew ​when Fil (Bass/bVox), Mark (Guitar/bVox) and Peter (Synth) joined.

Their debut EP and subsequent single releases “JOHNNY” and “MEXICO”, all ​achieved success through radio airplay nationally (CBCRadio 2&3, ​CHOM97.7, 94.7Hits FM, CMR Radio, CITR109.9, 94.9 The Rock) and ​internationally (SiriusXM LSUG, Planet Rock Radio UK, 106.6 Radio Rock ​Rome, La Grosse Radio Rock Paris).

“STAY” By the Nolas New Single to be released on June 28th, 2024

“They just seem to have an air of nonstop cool about them. SUrf Guitar from Outer Space, SHouty Choruses and a diggin’ in workman like vibe, that make me wanna put The Nolas on a Turntable in my unfinished basement and dance around like my dog is watching.”

Christian Tanna,

I MOther Earth & 94.9 The Rock

“Wow! Great sound, great

songs. Cool original and

sexy. I love your style.”

Marilene Belanger,

artist manager/entertainment lawyer

“Montreal-Based Alt. Rock Band THE NOLAS Capture The Latin Spirit In “Mexico”

Eric Alper


“Best now band I’ve heard in a long time. Great musicians, great tunes, fun to watch, you’ve impressed me tonight”

Pierre Soupras,

Milagro record label

"Their sound automatically gave me the feeling of a modern twist on a very 70’s sound. It’s an extremely refreshing listen in an industry where it’s getting harder and harder to be original, or unique. The Nolas not only set themselves apart from the “norm”, but do it beautifully..."

Heather Young, Canadian Beats

The NolaS EP - 2015

The Nolas self-titled debut EP was released in 2015 and received airplay on both satellite (CBCRadio3, LSUG) and FM radio (CBC Radio2, CHOM 977 MTL, 94.7 HitsFM MTL). Their first single "So Fine" was a great introduction to their sound and style. It was ​featured on various radio stations such as CHOM 97.7 MTL ROCKS, 94.7 Hits FM Future Hits, CMR Spotlight Song of the Week, CITR 101.9 Featured Band and was chosen as a fan favorite on Reverbnation's Crowd Picks. “So Fine” was also featured on Bongo ​Boys’ Out of The Garage: Vol.2 compilation, in July 2016. Their second single "Dance The Night Away" debuted on CBC Radio3’s #Top 30 of Dec 2015 and hit the Top #25 in Jan 2016.

johnny - 2021

The Nolas released “Johnny” on February 16th , 2021 (Mardi Gras). Recorded at Cherry Studios (MTL), Mixed at Freq Shop studio (MTL) and Mastered by Frank Arkwright from Abbey Road Studios.

So much fun this Xmas — 2022

The Nolas with The magic Man released “So Much Fun This Christmas New Year’s Party Rock Anthem” on December 24th, 2022 (Christmas Eve). Recorded at Cherry Studios (MTL), Mixed at Freq Shop studio (MTL) and Mastered by Frank ​Arkwright from Abbey Road Studios.

Mexico — 2023

“Mexico” was released on June 30. 2023 with great sucess in radio airplay in Canada, Mexico and France.

Stay - 2024

“STAY” By the Nolas New Single to be released on June 28th, 2024

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